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No Faculty Needed

Our team of cannabis industry educators compiled, reviewed, and edited our course materials, and we deliver it directly to your students.

  • No requirement of faculty or staff time
  • Pre-structured lesson plans & course framework
  • 24/7 student assistance through OCE

Top-Rated Curriculum

We have curated a top-rated curriculum from industry experts in the fields of Cannabis Law, Cannabis Horticulture, Cannabis Insurance, Cannabusiness, Physicians, Chefs and more.

  • Recognized member of the National Cannabis Industry
  • Over 70 downloadable resources for your students to keep
  • 8 cannabis industry recognized programs available to your students

Students First

Our programs are designed around accessibility. No difficult deadlines, no added stress, just a comprehensive learning experience at whatever pace is comfortable.

  • 24/7 access to courses, videos & e-books
  • Self-paced learning from any device
  • Free access to industry publications