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Cannabis Education

We offer a pre-structured curriculum devised by qualified industry professionals and educators. Save your school time and resources by partnering with us.

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Rewarding For Students

Serious cannabis education for serious students. Students who register for our courses should be prepared to consider cannabis in a commercial sense, with particular regard to the laws, regulations, agricultural parameters, and business practices that define successful cannabis ventures.

About Our Curriculum

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Easy For Schools

Our program features a pre-structured courseload that encompasses all facets of the burgeoning cannabis industry. We’ve compiled all of the necessary resources for a complete education, the only requirement on your behalf is to offer the program to your student body.

How To Get Started

A Sample Of Our Curriculum

  • How To Grow Marijuana
  • Marijuana Cooking & Extractions
  • Marijuana Laws & Regulations
  • Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery Service Management
  • Becoming a Budtender: Essential Skills Training
  • Marijuana as Medicine
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9 Industry-Recognized Certifications

A student’s viability in the evolving cannabis industry is determined by his or her knowledge in the field. The Online Cannabis Education curriculum is structured around 7 areas of focus that, upon completion of the program, will ensure student success. These areas each have their own respective certificate of completion, enabling students to reach standardized milestones and stay motivated throughout the program.

Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Business


Marijuana Grower

Cannabis Career

Cooking & Extraction

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Master of Marijuana

Marijuana Law


The Student Experience

“OCE is amazing. I learned all there is to know about the medical marijuana industry. I now grow my own cannabis and am able to make a living as a legal cannabis grower in California. ”

Henry James- San Jose, CA

“I finished my courses a month ago and was blown away by the amount of information included for the low price. Thank you for making my cannabis education affordable and informative. ”

Peter Feinstien- Denver, CO

“I have been growing marijuana for the past 30 years. I learned a lot of new and useful growing information in the program. I also loved the courses on extractions, dabs, and cooking. ”

Manny Fernandez- Humboldt County, CA

A Complete “Out of the Box” Curriculum, Ready For Your Students

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