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Online Cannabis Education partners with universities and colleges to offer expert lead cannabis curriculum that trains your students to enter the booming cannabis workforce.

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established 2013

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University and Community College Partnerships

Online Cannabis Education brings years of cannabis industry expertise and higher education training, to ensure an exceptional student experience.

Learn more about our turn-key solutions that allow you to quickly launch our top-rated cannabis programs.

students taking online cannabis education courses

Benefits of Partnering
with OCE:

  • Accredited by ANSI/IACET, so your students earn CEUs with the completion of every program.
  • The only turn key cannabis programs with updated laws and regulations from all 50 US states, Canada, and over 50 countries from around the world.
  • Cannabis industry specific resume and cover letter tutorials come standard with every program, so students are ready to enter the cannabis workforce.
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Certificate Programs Available

All Inclusive
Master of Cannabis Badge copy 2 215x300 1Master of Cannabis Certification Program
10 Certifications, All Inclusive

100% online / 8 career courses / 42 hrs / 1 year access

In this all-inclusive program, students are trained for any job in the cannabis industry. Packed with informative, easy-to-understand lessons and videos, your students will learn cannabis medicine, cultivation, harvesting, extraction, manufacturing, sales, careers, business, law, and much more. Your students gain access to all the cannabis courses and earn 10 cannabis industry certifications!

cannabis budtender certification badgeBudtender Certification

100% online / 4 courses / 7 hrs / 1 year access

With this program, your students will learn how to land their dream job as a budtender and acquire the skills to excel in that role. Packed with easy-to-understand lessons and videos, students will enhance their knowledge of marijuana, learn how to obtain a work permit, craft a resume, and secure that job. Their certificate will demonstrate to employers that they are trained and certified to work as a budtender or in CBD/hemp sales!

Master Cannabis Grower copy 2 215x300 1Master Cannabis Grower
Certification Program

100% online / 6 courses / 23 hrs / 1 year access

Students will go inside cannabis gardens, and learn from Master Growers themselves, the intricacies of cultivating premium cannabis. Easy-to-digest lessons and videos will equip students with comprehensive knowledge, guiding them on how to establish a cannabis cultivation center, grow cannabis in a commercial setting, or cultivate premium cannabis at home. When students finish the program, they will earn a certificate that proves their deep understanding of cannabis cultivation and business practices to employers.

cannabis cooking certification badgeCannabis Cooking
Certification Program

100% online / 5 courses / 14 hrs / 1 year access

This program trains students in the art of opening, managing, or working at a cannabis edibles business. Students receive clear, step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and dose edibles, along with some of our most popular cannabis edible recipes and cooking calculators. Their certificate will provide them with the credentials needed to gain employment in an cannabis manufacturing facility, or even open or manage a commercial cannabis kitchen.

cannabis extraction certification badgeCannabis Extraction
Certification Program

100% online / 5 courses / 13.5 hrs / 1 year access

With this program, your students will embark on the exploration of cannabis concentrate production, sales, and the establishment of extraction businesses. They will acquire the skills required to open, manage, and work within a marijuana extraction or infused products business. Upon completion, your students will attain their Cannabis Extraction Certification, providing them with the credentials they need for success in the extraction industry.

open a cannabis dispensary badgeCannabis Dispensary Operations
Certification Program

100% online / 5 courses / 13 hrs / 1 year access

In this program, your students will acquire in-depth knowledge about cannabis dispensary setup, operations, and employee acquisition. Students will learn everything they need to know to effectively manage a dispensary, including startup procedures, day-to-day operations, retail management, cannabinoid medicine, marijuana products, administration methods, local laws, and more. The skills they gain will provide them with the credentials they need to open or manage a dispensary or CBD/hemp store.

open cannabis business certification badgeCannabis Business
Certification Program

100% online / 4 courses / 13 hrs / 1 year access

This program guides students through the setup, operations, and employee acquisition for cannabis businesses in any sector of the industry, including cannabis cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and dispensaries. Students will also gain insight into avoiding common pitfalls within the cannabis industry, explore financing solutions, and receive a cannabis industry business plan and pitch deck as part of their program.

Cannabis 101 Badge 3 copy 215x300 1Cannabis 101
Certification Program

100% online / 7 intro courses / 14 hrs / 1 year access

This program is designed for beginners, and students will learn everything they need to get started on the right path with cannabis. This course covers topics such as cannabis industry jobs, basic cannabis medicine, and the simplest methods for growing and processing a cannabis plant while adhering to local laws. Your students will earn a certificate that demonstrates their strong grasp of fundamental cannabis concepts.

Student Reviews

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"I enrolled in the OCE courses through my local community college and have already found a cannabis job as a Budtender at a dispensary. I am loving my new cannabis career. Thank you very much OCE for the quality cannabis courses you provide."

Mary Klein

Boston, MA

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"The courses from Online Cannabis Education (OCE) were amazing. I learned a huge amount of useful information on all facets of the cannabis industry. After earning my online certifications through OCE, I found a job working as a master grower."

Pat Hughes

Denver, CO

student who took OCE cannabis courses

"Thanks to Online Cannabis Education and my college I now know how to grow cannabis at home, make my own edibles, and all the local laws and regulations in my area. I am using the information to start my own cannabis business and couldn’t be happier with the content OCE provided."

George Owens

Oklahoma City, OK