Master Cannabis Grower Certificate Program

100% online / 23 hrs / 6 courses / 1 yr access

This program is led by Master Growers and industry experts, including Guru of Ganja, Ed Rosenthal. Students will learn cannabis growing fundamentals, cultivation techniques, and explore growing career opportunities. They will also learn how to write a cannabis-specific resume and cover letter, enhancing their chances of success after completing the program.
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ANSI/IACET Accrediated

established 2013

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Designed For:

The Master Cannabis Grower Certificate Program is designed for:

  • Indoor Cannabis Growing Careers
  • Outdoor Cannabis Growing Careers
  • Cannabis Trimmers
  • Cannabis Packagers
  • Cannabis Harvesters
  • Cannabis Caregivers

Program Outline:

Class 1: Intro to Cannabis Basics and Cultivation

Learning Objectives: After successfully finishing the Introgrow 19 Cannabis Basics and Cultivation course, you will possess the knowledge to discuss the cannabis plant, covering its origins and primary classifications (indica, sativa, hybrid, ruderalis). Additionally, you’ll have the ability to clarify the key elements of cannabis and their impacts, enumerate prevalent cannabis products, grasp their usage, and interpret cannabis product labels.

Lesson 1: What is Cannabis? – Growing cannabis serves many purposes both recreationally and medically. This lesson uncovers the origins of the cannabis plant, shedding light on different classifications. You’ll also get acquainted with its components, seeds, and an introduction to the endocannabinoid system.

Lesson 2: Components of Cannabis – In this lesson, we dive into the compounds within marijuana, including cannabinoids and terpenes, and their interactions with the human body. We’ll navigate terms like the entourage effect, exploring how cannabis and its elements can impact anxiety, appetite, memory, and various health conditions.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Products – As the cannabis industry flourishes, understanding the vast array of available products becomes crucial. This lesson dissects the distinctions between these products, CBD:THC ratios, potency labels, and the art of interpreting product information. You’ll also uncover diverse consumption methods and learn to discern the qualities of high and low-quality cannabis products.

Class 2: Fundamentals of Cannabis Cultivation

Learning Objectives: In the Fundamentals of Cannabis grow 18Cultivation class, you’ll learn how to plan indoor and outdoor cannabis gardens, covering strain selection, security, equipment, and lighting. You’ll also discover how to set up and manage an indoor cultivation space, considering cleanliness, airflow, lighting, and the environment. Additionally, you’ll acquire knowledge for growing multiple cannabis plants, including equipment, media, water, nutrients, and pest control.

Lesson 1: Before you Start Growing – Explore crucial decisions before cultivation, including understanding the cannabis plant, its life cycle, propagation, and strain selection. This lesson also offers insights into designing indoor and outdoor gardens, choosing soil or hydroponics, selecting equipment, lighting, and addressing security.

Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Indoor Marijuana Grow Area – Learn the essentials of establishing an efficient indoor marijuana cultivation area, covering space, air circulation, lighting, temperature, humidity, and organizing cannabis strains.

Lesson 3: Getting Ready For Your Cannabis – Understand how to prepare for successful cannabis cultivation, including selecting growing media, managing water, choosing nutrients, and essential equipment, drainage, water treatment, and pest control strategies.

Class 3: How to Grow Cannabis

Learning Objectives: Upon completing the How to Growgrow 17 Cannabis class, you will be able to describe how to start a cannabis garden from clones or seeds. You’ll be able to explain various techniques for nurturing cannabis plants throughout their growth stages, acquire insights into effective methods for harvesting, drying, trimming, and storing cannabis flowers, and identify and address common challenges like pests, diseases, and nutrient-related issues that may arise during cannabis cultivation.

Lesson 1: Cannabis Clones and Seeds – Explore different ways to start a cannabis garden, comparing the advantages and challenges of clones and seeds. Topics include germination, clone techniques, seed germination methods, breeding, caring for young plants, and transplanting.

Lesson 2: Vegetative and Flowering Stages of Cannabis – Learn how to nurture cannabis plants during the vegetative and flowering phases, enhancing harvest quality, and yields. Topics include pruning, training, transplanting, root care, watering, nutrients, indoor and outdoor conditions, male plant identification, and pre-flowering stage management.

Lesson 3: Harvesting, Curing, and Trimming Cannabis – Discover the crucial steps of harvesting, curing, and trimming cannabis, impacting the final product’s quality. Topics include determining the harvest time, proper harvesting techniques, wet and dry trimming, curing procedures, and storage methods.

Lesson 4: Cannabis Garden Troubleshooting – Learn how to troubleshoot common cannabis cultivation challenges. Topics include pest control, disease management, nutrient issues, pH control, stem and branch repair, weather damage, light problems, and various cultivation concerns.

Class 4: Cannabis Cultivation Careers

Learning Objectives: After finishing the Cannabis grow 15Cultivation Careers class, you’ll understand the requirements for working in the cannabis cultivation industry in a particular US state, Canadian province, or territory. You’ll also discover how to gain experience in cannabis cultivation, find job opportunities, and create a specialized resume and cover letter. Additionally, you’ll learn the skills to excel in job interviews and understand the roles, responsibilities, education, experience, career potential, pay, and essential skills for key cannabis cultivation jobs like grower, trimmer, and packager.

Lesson 1: Government Requirements For Cannabis Workers – This lesson provides essential insights into how to launch a cannabis career in the US or Canada. You’ll delve into crucial topics such as age requirements, work permit fees, training mandates, and legal obligations necessary to embark on a successful journey within the cannabis industry.

Lesson 2: Cannabis Career Basics – In this lesson, discover the fundamental steps to kickstart your cannabis cultivation career. Explore how to locate cannabis job opportunities through various channels, including job boards, social media, and networking events. Uncover valuable tips for crafting an impressive marijuana grower resume and cover letter, and learn how to leverage skills from other industries to enhance your chances of securing your desired role.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Cultivation Careers – This lesson explores the opportunities in marijuana cultivation, including careers in growering, trimming, and packaging. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the regulations, responsibilities, education prerequisites, experience requirements, potential for advancement, expected wages, and essential skills for each position.

Class 5: Cannabis Cultivation Business

Learning Objectives: After completing the Cannabis Ai7Cultivation Business class, you’ll be able to check if a cannabis cultivation business license application is open in a specific US state or Canadian province. You’ll also be able to outline the steps to obtain a business license, grasp cannabis cultivation industry challenges, and understand various aspects of cannabis business. This includes marketing, transportation, and legal considerations. You’ll also learn how to create a business plan, manage inventory, and develop a plan for starting and running a cannabis cultivation business.

Lesson 1: Government Requirements For Cannabis Businesses – In this lesson, explore the steps needed to obtain a license for running a cannabis cultivation business. We delve into various topics, such as tracking inventory, licenses for medical and recreational marijuana businesses, fees, and Canadian cannabis regulations.

Lesson 2: Cannabis Business Basics – This lesson covers the essentials of planning your cannabis business operation. We discuss challenges, competition, creating a business plan and pitch deck, pricing, marketing and sales, financial aspects, advertising, and even transportation and inventory management in the cannabis industry.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Cultivation Businesses – This lesson guides you through the process of launching a successful marijuana cultivation business. It helps you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. Topics include preparing for the venture, financing options, setting up indoor and outdoor cultivation facilities, daily operations, staffing, and selecting the right cannabis strains to grow.

Class 6: Intro to Cannabis Laws/Regulations and Cultivation

Learning Objectives: By the end of the Intro to Cannabisgrow 9 Laws/Regulations and Cultivation class, you’ll be equipped to clarify the existing federal cannabis regulations in the United States and Canada. You’ll be able to outline the permissible limits for cannabis possession and cultivation in a specific U.S. state and a Canadian province or territory.

Lesson 1: Cannabis Laws in the United States – Get to know adult use, medical, and recreational cannabis programs in each state. This lesson introduces federal and state regulations, public support, legal interactions, court cases, federal laws, privacy concerns, firearms, the DEA, and provides insights into medical and recreational programs. You’ll also explore the specifics of cannabis possession, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation, and trafficking.

Lesson 2: Cannabis Laws in Canada – Discover Canadian cannabis laws following nationwide legalization. This lesson centers on the Cannabis Act, federal medical programs, Health Canada’s role, qualifying conditions, and federal possession, public consumption, distribution, and cultivation laws. Additionally, it sheds light on the distinct regulations within Canadian provinces and territories.

Handouts and Resources:

Handouts and resources can be downloaded:

  1. Definitions: Cannabis Basics Terminology
  2. Definitions: Cannabis Legal Terminology
  3. Definitions: Cannabis Business Terms
  4. Definitions: Cannabis Cultivation Terminology
  5. Information Sheet: Common Cannabis Plant Pests
  6. Information Sheet: Common Cannabis Plant Diseases
  7. Information Sheet: Cannabis Plant Nutrient Disorders
  8. Information Sheet: Top Ten Cannabis Grow Tips
  9. Information Sheet: Top Ten Cannabis Grow Mistakes
  10. MS Word Template: Cover Letter Builder
  11. MS Word Template: Resume Builder
  12. How to Become a Professional Marijuana Grower
  13. Chart: Effects Of Common Cannabinoids
  14. Chart: Effects of Common Cannabis Terpenes
  15. How to Become a Cannabis Expert
  16. How to Become a Marijuana Entrepreneur
  17. Sample: Cover Letter For Entry Level Grower
  18. Sample: Resume For Entry Level Grower
  19. Sample: Cover Letter For Dispensary Manager
  20. Sample: Resume For Dispensary Manager
  21. Sample: Blunt Royale Business Plan
  22. Sample: Blunt Royale Pitch Deck
  23. Procedure: Dab Equipment And How To Dab
  24. Chart: Cannabis Consumption Methods
  25. Chart: Entourage Effects
  26. Chart: Effects Of Common Cannabinoids On Receptors
  27. Checklist: Cannabis Industry Pitch Deck
  28. Checklist: Cannabis Industry Business Plan
  29. How To Become A Medical Cannabis Caregiver
  30. Checklist: Plant Disease And Pest Prevention
  31. Procedure: Check And Correct Water pH
  32. Flowchart: Deciding How To Grow
  33. Chart: Soil Systems Vs. Soil-less Systems
  34. Flowchart: Deciding Where To Grow
  35. Flowchart: Deciding What To Grow
  36. Chart: Characteristics Of Cannabis Types
  37. Supplemental Reading List: Fundamentals Of Cannabis Cultivation
  38. Calculator: Required Air Exchange (CFM)
  39. Calculator: Time From Seed To Smoke
  40. Calculator: Required Lumens
  41. Chart: Optimal Indoor Garden Conditions At Each Growth Stage
  42. Procedure: How To Trim Cannabis By Hand
  43. Supplemental Reading List: How To Grow Cannabis
  44. Information Sheet: Identifying Male And Female Plants
  45. Procedure: How to Germinate Seeds
  46. Procedure: How To Clone Cannabis Plants
  47. Chart: Storage For Cannabis Products
  48. Calculator: Cannabis Dry Weight Conversions
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Benefits of a Certificate Program from OCE:

checkAccredited by ANSI/IACET, so students earn CEUs with the completion of every program.

check48-hour refund policy.

checkThe only turn key cannabis programs with updated laws and regulations from all 50 US states, Canada, and over 50 countries from around the world.

checkCannabis industry specific resume and cover letter tutorials come standard for every unique aspect of the cannabis industry.

checkJob training and in-depth skills training from cannabis experts and cannabis masters.

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“The program’s value for money is unbeatable. The faculty not only teaches fundamentals, but also brings tips and tricks from Master Growers. The sessions inside cannabis cultivation facilities were eye-opening. I never thought I could learn so much about growing both indoor and outdoor marijuana in an online course. OCE exceeded my expectations!”

John M.
– Cultivation Facility Manager

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