Master of Cannabis Certificate Program

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Master the cannabis industry with this all-inclusive certificate program. Led by experts, it covers cultivation, medicine, extraction, cooking, dispensary operations, compliance, and more. Students learn how craft cannabis industry resumes, cover letters, business plan, and plan and pitch deck. In the end, students earn 10 cannabis industry certifications.

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Designed For:

The Master of Cannabis Certificate Program is designed for:

  • Grow Facility Careers
  • Cooking and Edible’s Careers
  • Dispensary Careers
  • Budtenders Careers
  • Extraction Facility Careers
  • Cannabis Ancillary Business Careers


Students earn 10 certifications:

  • Cannabis 101 Certification
  • Cannabis Budtender Certification
  • Cannabis as Medicine Certification
  • Cannabis Cooking Certification
  • Cannabis Extraction Certification
  • Cannabis Dispensary Operations Certification
  • Cannabis Business Certification
  • Master Cannabis Indoor Grower Certification
  • Master Cannabis Outdoor Grower Certification
  • Master of Cannabis Certification

Program Outline:

Class 1: Cannabis Basics

Learning objectives: When you complete this class, you’llBasics image 1 be able to describe the cannabis plant, its history, and primary classifications. You’ll also be able to choose appropriate terpenes and cannabinoids for medical purposes, identify common cannabis products, explain how to use them, and interpret cannabis product labels.

Lesson 1: What is Cannabis – You’ll begin with an overview of cannabis origins, cultivars, and strains to insights into the plant’s structure, life cycle, and reproductive system, as well as distinctions between hemp and cannabis, and a deeper understanding of the endocannabinoid system.

Lesson 2: Components of Cannabis – In this lesson, you’ll dive into the elements found in cannabis, such as THC, CBD, and terpenes, and their effects on patients. You’ll also explore different cannabis strains and their potential benefits for various health issues, along with the entourage effect and the interaction between CBD and THC.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Products – In this lesson, we’ll simplify the diverse world of cannabis products. You’ll learn about dispensary items, consumption methods, product differences, quality factors, CBD:THC ratios, potency labeling, cannabinoids, concentrate types, edible ingredients, cannabis oils, how edibles affect the body, and the advantages of topical products for skin, pain, and inflammation.

Class 2: Cannabis as Medicine

Learning Objectives: Upon completing the CannabisExtraction image As Medicine class, you’ll be able to explain the impact of historical events on cannabis laws and public perception. You’ll also be able to explain the process of registering as a medical cannabis patient or caregiver and understand how various cannabis treatments can alleviate specific medical symptoms and conditions.

Lesson 1: History of Medical Cannabis – Explore the history of medical cannabis from its ancient roots to its current use for patients. Topics include ancient hemp farming, changes in U.S. cannabis laws, research on medical benefits, regulations, synthetic cannabis medicines, state-level legalization, political policies, ongoing cannabis studies, patient concerns, and advocacy groups.

Lesson 2: Medical Cannabis Programs in the United States and Canada – Study medical cannabis programs in the United States and Canada, including qualifying conditions, patient registration, caregiver registration, and possession limits.

Lesson 3: The Endocannabinoid System – Focus on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), how it interacts with cannabinoids in cannabis, and the potential benefits. Dive into the history of mammals and the ECS, how the ECS regulates various bodily functions, interactions with other systems, and conditions related to ECS deficiency.

Lesson 4: Conditions Treated by Cannabis – Explore the various common medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis and why it’s a valuable treatment option. Dive into research on cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, palliative treatments, comparisons with traditional pain medications, and its potential benefits for conditions like arthritis, depression, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, cancer, obesity, and emotional well-being.

Lesson 5: Administering Cannabis – Learn how to guide others in consuming cannabis effectively and finding the right dose, while addressing side effects, drug interactions, and special patient considerations. Learn cannabis administration methods, dosage determination, potential side effects, and interactions with other drugs.

Class 3: Fundamentals of Cannabis Cultivation

Learning Objectives: Upon completing the Fundamentals Fundamentals growing imageof Cannabis Cultivation class, you’ll be able to list the steps for planning both indoor and outdoor cannabis gardens, covering strain selection, security, equipment, and lighting. You’ll also learn how to create and manage an indoor space for cannabis cultivation, addressing cleaning, airflow, lighting setup, and environment, as well as how to prepare for growing multiple cannabis plants, including equipment selection, media, water, nutrients, and pest management.

Lesson 1: Before You Start Growing Cannabis – Learn about essential decisions to make before planting cannabis, including understanding the cannabis plant, its life cycle, propagation methods, and selecting strains. Discover indoor and outdoor garden design, soil and hydroponic cultivation, equipment options, lighting choices, and security considerations.

Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Indoor Marijuana Grow Area – Discover how to prepare an efficient indoor marijuana grow space. This lesson covers space requirements, air circulation, lighting setup, temperature and humidity control, and organization in the grow room.

Lesson 3: Getting Ready For Your Cannabis Plants – Learn how to prepare for your cannabis plants by selecting the right growing media, understanding water requirements, and choosing nutrients. The lesson also covers essential equipment, drainage improvement, water treatment, and pest management.

Class 4: How to Grow Cannabis

Learning Objectives: By the end of this class, you will be How to Grow Cannabisable to explain the process of starting a cannabis garden using either clones or seeds. You will also be able to describe how to tend to cannabis plants throughout their growth stages, and best practices used in harvesting, drying, trimming, and storing cannabis flowers. Additionally, you will be able to identify and address common challenges such as pests, diseases, and nutrient-related problems that may arise during cannabis cultivation.

Lesson 1: Cannabis Clones and Seeds – Dive into the methods of initiating cannabis growth, comparing the merits and challenges of clones versus seeds. Topics include the germination process, clone techniques, seed germination methods, breeding, tending to young plants, and the art of transplanting.

Lesson 2: The Vegetative and Flowering Phases of Cannabis – Unlock the secrets of tending to cannabis plants during the vegetative and flowering phases, elevating the quality and quantity of your harvest. Topics encompass pruning, training, transplanting, root care, watering, nutrient management, creating ideal indoor and outdoor environments, identifying male plants, and navigating the pre-flowering stage.

Lesson 3: Harvesting, Curing, and Trimming Cannabis – Delve into the critical steps of harvesting, curing, and trimming cannabis, significantly impacting the quality of your final product. Topics cover determining when to harvest, adopting proper harvesting techniques, both wet and dry trimming methods, curing protocols, and effective storage practices.

Lesson 4: Troubleshooting Your Cannabis Garden – Equip yourself with the skills to troubleshoot common cannabis cultivation challenges. Topics include pest management, disease control, nutrient-related issues, pH regulation, mending damaged stems and branches, weather-related concerns, lighting complications, and addressing various cultivation complications.

Class 5: Cannabis Cooking & Extraction Methods

Learning Objectives: After finishing the Cannabis Cooking imageCooking and Extraction Methods class, you’ll be able to explain trichome principles and differentiate between working with fresh, frozen, and dried cannabis. You’ll also be able to describe variations between infusion and extraction techniques, as well as the results of solventless and solvent-based extraction methods. You’ll gain insights into decarboxylation, winterization, and emerging infusion/extraction technologies, allowing you to proficiently prepare and use cannabis for various infusion and extraction processes in both home and commercial settings.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Cannabis Extraction – Dive into the science of cannabis extraction, essential for mastering the extraction and infusion processes. Explore topics such as trichomes, variations between fresh and dried cannabis, cryopreservation, and extraction methods, including solventless and solvent-based techniques.

Lesson 2: Preparing the Cannabis – Elevate the quality and potency of your cannabis products by learning how to select and prepare cannabis materials effectively. Discover insights on choosing plant material, preparing dried and fresh cannabis, decarboxylation procedures, and techniques for processing fresh cannabis for infusion and extraction, including juicing.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Infusion and Extraction – Learn to estimate potency, create cannabis oil, craft ethanol tinctures, and engage in solventless extraction methods. Delve into collecting kief and making rosin, all while understanding the use of commercial extraction equipment and the nuances of CO2 extraction.

Lesson 4: Straining, Filtering, and Purging Cannabis – Explore the art of straining, filtering, and purging cannabis products to ensure purity and quality. Discover various straining and filtering techniques, equipment options, and methods to remove water from cannabis oil. Learn how to purge ethanol, butane, and propane from concentrates, as well as create different concentrate consistencies.

Lesson 5: Cooking with Cannabis – ​​Discover the importance of cannabis potency and proper dosing, how to divide recipes into single servings, and explore cooking with cannabis-infused oils and butters. Delve into cooking with cannabis extracts, mixing concentrates, and crafting cannabis capsules, pills, and flour.

Lesson 6: Cannabis Recipes – Explore a collection of cannabis recipes, including beverages, sweet edibles, and savory dishes. Gain insights into estimating potency, making cannabis beverages, adding cannabis oil to drinks, and creating delectable sweet edibles and savory recipes.

Class 6: Cannabis Careers

Learning Objectives: Upon completing the Cannabis Careers careers imageclass, you will be able to describe the qualifications needed to work in the cannabis industry in a US or Canadian state, province, or territory. You’ll also learn how to gain experience in the field, find job openings, create industry-specific resumes and cover letters, and navigate job interviews effectively. You’ll gain insights into various cannabis-related career paths, including cultivation, extraction, dispensary operations, and ancillary roles, such as their responsibilities, educational requirements, advancement opportunities, and compensation.

Lesson 1: Government Requirements for Cannabis Industry Workers – This lesson provides essential information about starting a cannabis career in the US or Canada. It covers various aspects, including age requirements, work permit fees, and training mandates for cannabis industry employees in different regions.

Lesson 2: Cannabis Career Basics – Learn the fundamentals of launching your cannabis career. Discover where to find cannabis industry jobs, create effective marijuana resumes and cover letters, and excel in interviews. Explore job-hunting resources, networking opportunities, and tips for showcasing your skills from other industries on your cannabis resume.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Cultivation Careers – Delve into the world of cannabis cultivation careers, including marijuana growers, trimmers, and packagers. Understand the regulations, responsibilities, educational requirements, experience prerequisites, potential for advancement, wages, and skills needed for these roles. Gain insights into the diverse paths within cannabis cultivation.

Lesson 4: Marijuana Processing Careers – Explore opportunities in cannabis processing, from commercial kitchens to extraction facilities and infused-product factories. Learn about roles like lab technicians, laboratory managers, extraction specialists, and kitchen employees. Understand the specific regulations, responsibilities, educational requirements, experience prerequisites, advancement possibilities, salaries, and essential skills for these positions.

Lesson 5: Cannabis Dispensary Careers – Discover the ins and outs of cannabis dispensary businesses and careers, including budtenders, cannabis educators, assistants, guides, and managers. Gain knowledge about strain differences, weight conversions, dosing, and ingredients for home cooking. Understand the regulations, responsibilities, educational prerequisites, experience requirements, potential for career growth, wages, and critical skills for budtenders and dispensary managers.

Lesson 6: Ancillary Cannabis Careers – Explore various ancillary cannabis careers beyond the cannabis plant, such as cannabis accountants, lawyers, compliance consultants, delivery drivers, doctors, inventory managers, PR and marketing professionals, packaging designers, realtors, sales representatives, researchers, security guards, staffing agents, tour guides, web developers, writers, editors, and journalists. Learn about the responsibilities, educational or experience requirements, and salary prospects for these roles.

Class 7: Cannabis Business

Learning Objectives: Upon completing the Cannabis business imageBusiness class, you’ll be able to check if business license applications are open in a US or Canadian Province. You’ll also learn how to secure a business license, understand the challenges in the cannabis industry, create a cannabis business plan and pitch deck, and grasp various aspects of cannabis business operations, marketing, and legal considerations. Additionally, you’ll learn how to develop plans for starting and managing cannabis cultivation, extraction, and dispensary businesses, as well as gain insights into the challenges of ancillary cannabis businesses.

Lesson 1: Government Requirements for Cannabis Businesses – In this lesson, you’ll explore the process of obtaining a license to operate a cannabis business in the US or Canada. You’ll gain insights into the specific requirements for cannabis business applications in different regions, including age restrictions, permit fees, and mandatory training, and mandatory inventory tracking.

Lesson 2: Cannabis Business Basics – This lesson covers the essentials of planning your cannabis business journey, from crafting a marijuana business plan to addressing common challenges. Topics include challenges in banking, changing regulations, and taxes. You’ll also learn about market analysis, pricing, specialization, patents, marketing, sales strategies, financing, and the importance of a pitch deck. The lesson sheds light on advertising challenges, cannabis holidays, transport regulations, inventory management, insurance, and legal considerations.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Cultivation Businesses – This lesson guides you through the intricate aspects of establishing a marijuana cultivation business. It helps you set up a successful cannabis cultivation venture while avoiding common pitfalls. Topics include planning, financing, choosing strains, and complying with regulations.

Lesson 4: Cannabis Processing Businesses – Learn about the fundamental decisions necessary for running a successful cannabis manufacturing business. This lesson covers various aspects, including financing, licensing, property selection, equipment purchase, and setting up extraction facilities and infused-product kitchens.

Lesson 5: Cannabis Dispensary Businesses – This lesson explains how to navigate legal considerations, store planning, and community attitudes when establishing a cannabis dispensary. Topics include location selection, store setup, product quality, customer service, and security.

Lesson 6: Ancillary Businesses to the Cannabis Industry – Discover the world of ancillary cannabis businesses that offer services to cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary operations. This lesson provides insights into various ancillary businesses, such as compliance and consulting firms, test labs, delivery services, packaging design, equipment suppliers, and more.

Class 8: Cannabis Laws and Regulations

Learning Objectives: Upon completing the Cannabis Laws imageLaws and Regulations course, you will have the knowledge to explain the permitted amounts of cannabis for possession and cultivation in a single US state or Canadian Province. You will also be able to outline the historical and present status of US federal cannabis policies, as well as Canadian federal cannabis policies. You will be capable of explaining the legal cannabis possession and cultivation allowances in a specific Canadian Province, and you’ll understand the cannabis regulations in a country outside of the US and Canada.

Lesson 1: Cannabis Laws in the United States – Explore cannabis laws in the US, including the history of cannabis policies, federal and state regulations, court cases, penalties, and the intersection of federal and state laws. Understand the rules regarding cannabis possession, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation, trafficking, and CBD access in states where it’s prohibited, as well as medical and recreational cannabis programs.

Lesson 2: Cannabis Laws in Canada – Learn about the evolution of cannabis policies in Canada, from prohibition to legalization for medical and recreational use. Understand Canada’s federal medical cannabis program, federal laws on possession, public consumption, distribution, and cultivation, and how cannabis laws differ in provinces and territories.

Lesson 3: Cannabis Laws in Other Countries – Discover cannabis laws worldwide, crucial for professionals traveling internationally. Gain insights into the legal landscape of over 50 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and many others, with a focus on possession, cultivation, and distribution regulations. Stay updated as global cannabis laws evolve.

Handouts and Resources:

Handouts and resources available for download:

  1. Chart: Cannabis Consumption Methods
  2. Calculator: Cannabis Dry Weight Conversions
  3. Chart: Characteristics Of Cannabis Types
  4. Chart: Effects Of Common Cannabinoids
  5. Chart: Effects Of Common Cannabinoids On Receptors
  6. Chart: Effects of Common Cannabis Terpenes
  7. Chart: Entourage Effects
  8. Chart: Storage For Cannabis Products
  9. Definitions: Cannabis Basics Terminology
  10. How To Become A Medical Cannabis Caregiver
  11. Procedure: Dab Equipment And How To Dab
  12. Supplemental Reading List: Cannabis Basics
  13. Checklist: Cannabis Industry Business Plan
  14. Checklist: Cannabis Industry Pitch Deck
  15. Definitions: Cannabis Business Terms
  16. Sample: Blunt Royale Business Plan
  17. Sample: Blunt Royale Pitch Deck
  18. How to Become a Master of Cannabis
  19. How to Become a Marijuana Entrepreneur
  20. How to Become a Cannabis Budtender
  21. How to Become a Cannabis Chef
  22. How to Become a Cannabis Dispensary Manager
  23. How To Become A Cannabis Extraction Technician
  24. How to Become a Professional Marijuana Grower
  25. MS Word Template: Cannabis Cover Letter Builder
  26. MS Word Template: Cannabis Resume Builder
  27. Sample: Cover Letter For Dispensary Manager
  28. Sample: Cover Letter For Entry Level Cannabis Grower
  29. Sample: Resume For Dispensary Manager
  30. Sample: Resume For Entry Level Cannabis Grower
  31. Calculator: Batter Weight Per Serving
  32. Calculator: How Much Cannabis Concentrate To Use
  33. Calculator: How Much Infused Cannabis Oil To Use
  34. Calculator: Multiple Cannabis Recipe Infusion
  35. Calculator: Single Cannabis Recipe Infusion
  36. Information Sheet: Terpene and Cannabinoid Chemistry
  37. Procedure: How to Make Bubble Hash
  38. Procedure: How To Make Cannabis Oil
  39. Procedure: How to Make Cannabis Rosin At Home
  40. Recipe Cards: Ten Delicious Cannabis Recipes
  41. Supplemental Reading List: Cannabis Cooking And Extractions
  42. Definitions: Cannabis Cooking And Extraction Terms
  43. Calculator: Required Air Exchange (CFM)
  44. Calculator: Required Lumens for Growing Cannabis
  45. Calculator: Time From Seed To Smoke
  46. Chart: Soil Systems Vs. Soil-less Systems
  47. Checklist: Cannabis Plant Disease And Pest Prevention
  48. Flowchart: Deciding How To Grow Cannabis
  49. Flowchart: Deciding What To Grow Cannabis
  50. Flowchart: Deciding Where To Grow Cannabis
  51. Information Sheet: Top Ten Cannabis Grow Mistakes
  52. Information Sheet: Top Ten Cannabis Grow Tips
  53. Procedure: Check And Correct Water pH for Cannabis
  54. Supplemental Reading List: Fundamentals Of Cannabis Cultivation
  55. Chart: Optimal Indoor Garden Conditions At Each Growth Stage
  56. Information Sheet: Identifying Male And Female Cannabis Plants
  57. Procedure: How To Clone Cannabis Plants
  58. Procedure: How to Germinate Weed Seeds
  59. Procedure: How To Trim Cannabis By Hand
  60. Supplemental Reading List: How To Grow Cannabis
  61. Definitions: Cannabis Cultivation Terminology
  62. Information Sheet: Cannabis Plant Nutrient Disorders
  63. Information Sheet: Common Cannabis Plant Diseases
  64. Information Sheet: Common Cannabis Plant Pests
  65. Definitions: Cannabis Legal Terminology
  66. Chart: Cannabis Interactions With Other Drugs
  67. Information Sheet: First Aid for Cannabis Side Effects
  68. Information Sheet: Top Ten Symptoms Relieved By Cannabis
  69. Procedure: 6-Day Cannabis Sensitization Protocol
  70. Procedure: Finding the Right Dose of Cannabis
  71. Supplemental Reading List: Cannabis As Medicine
  72. Definitions: Cannabis Medical Terminology
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Benefits of a Certificate Program from OCE:

checkAccredited by ANSI/IACET, so students earn CEUs with the completion of every program.

check48-hour refund policy.

checkThe only turn key cannabis programs with updated laws and regulations from all 50 US states, Canada, and over 50 countries from around the world.

checkCannabis industry specific resume and cover letter tutorials come standard for every unique aspect of the cannabis industry.

checkJob training and in-depth skills training from cannabis experts and cannabis masters.

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“OCE’s all-inclusive cannabis program exceeded my expectations in every way. The value for money, coupled with the flexibility to learn from any device, made it a standout choice. The program’s comprehensive approach and expert faculty have equipped me with a diverse skill set, positioning me confidently for success in front of this unique client base.”

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